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Akomo Indonesia Group is a vertically integrated palm oil and coconut oil and business offering an extensive portfolio of downstream products. Utilizing the strength of our supply chain, we understand the fast-changing landscape of your consumers, and thus we are able to value-add to your business by offering the following solutions for your intended applications

Our goal is to provide quality Palm Products, maintaining consistency, and the best service. While prioritize transparency to our clients.

Palm products

Crude Palm Oil (CPO)

Crude Palm Oil (CPO) is a vegetable oil extracted from the flesh of the palm fruit and is an important vegetable oil used as a raw material for the food and non-food industries. The use of this oil is also very diverse, especially as a food ingredient, cosmetic industry, chemical industry, animal feed industry, and others.

Palm Fatty Acid Distillate (PFACD)

Palm Fatty Acid Distillate PFAD is a by-product of crude palm oil after refining. Palm Fatty Acid Distillate is widely used in the laundry soap, animal feed and chemical industries.

RBD Palm Olein

RBD Palm Olein is obtained from the fractionation of RBD Palm Oil which undergoes a crystallization process at a controlled temperature where RBD Palm oil is cooled to form crystals. RBD Palm Olein is widely used as cooking oil, salad oil and shortening

RBD Palm Stearin

RBD Palm Stearin is obtained from fractionating RBD Palm Oil to separate Olein from Stearin. RBD Palm Stearin is an essential raw materials used by shortening and margarine industries, as a source for producing specialty fats for coating in confectionery and also used in the manufacturing of oleochemicals.

Coconut products

Crude Coconut Oil (CNO)

Crude Coconut Oil (CNO) is the process of extracting oil from copra. Oil extraction requires the use of pressure and heat. Its purpose is to purify and remove impurities and contaminants. Crude Coconut Oil (CNO) can be processed as raw material for the oleochemical industry for the manufacture of soap and cosmetic products.

Refined Coconut Oil (RBD CNO

Refined Coconut Oil (RBD CNO) is crude coconut oil that has been purified, bleached and deodorized. RBD has different characteristics because of the high pressure distillation process so that the coconut oil produced becomes clearer, has a bland taste and has no odor. Refined Coconut Oil (RBD CNO) is widely used as cooking oil, cosmetics, oleochemical and food processing.

Coconut Fatty Acid Distillate (CFAD)

Coconut Fatty Acid Distillate (CFAD) is a by-product of the physical refining of coconut oil. Coconut Fatty Acid Distillate (CFAD) is widely used in the cosmetic, soap and biodiesel industries.

Hydrogenated Coconut Oil (RBD HCNO)

RBD HCNO is RBD CNO that has gone through the Hydrogenation process. RBD HCNO is a solid white fat with a clear texture and liquid when applied to heat. RBD HCNO can be used as the main raw material in the food industry.

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